Iman Trust - St Helens Mosque

St Micheals Mount, Elton Head Rd, Saint Helens WA9 5AU

Dear respected Muslim brothers

Masjid will open from Saturday 11 to July at Fajr. However, there will be no Friday prayers till further notice. 

COVID-19 Procedure for attending the masjid 

Iman Trust, St Michaels mount, Elton head Road, St Helens, WA9 5AU 

Please read all instructions in detail and check the prayer timetable before setting off for the masjid. 

Before entering the masjid: 

1. If you feel unwell, have a temperature, cough, loss of taste/smell, sneeze, cold/flu like symptoms, YOU MUST NOT ATTEND. 

2. If any member of your household is unwell or has any of the above symptoms, YOU MUST NOT ATTEND. 

3. People under 16 and over 60, and those with chronic illnesses regardless of age, MUST NOT ATTEND. 

4. Anyone in the above categories (1, 2, 3) who still come to the masjid, will be asked to leave. This is for your protection and for the protection of the entire community. Please do not put yourself or others at risk. 

5. Please arrive at the designated time having done ablutions at home. There will not be any toilet or wudu facilities in the masjid. 

6. Please do not arrive ahead of time or stay late after prayers. Look at the time table before coming. If you arrive early, please stay within your vehicle until 2 minutes before prayer time. 

7. Please ensure your nose and mouth is fully covered with a face covering or mask, before you leave your vehicle and enter the masjid. You may be asked to leave if it is not. 

8. Do not bring any personal belongings into the masjid. 

9. Please do not congregate in the grounds of the masjid or at the door. 

10. No handshakes and no hugging. 

Whilst inside the masjid: 

11. Observe social distancing while entering the masjid. 

12. Please follow the one-way entry and exit system. Entrance at the conservatory door and exit at the left of hall (previous female entrance) 

13. On entrance, please take off your shoes and place in a disposable plastic bag and take into the main hall with you. Shoe racks must not be used. 

14. Please use the hand gel at the entrance to clean hands. 

15. Please collect a paper disposable prayer mat from the entrance and take with you into the prayer hall. 

16. Head straight into the prayer hall, do not wait or congregate in any area. 

17. Place shoes next to you within the plastic bag, or in a shoe box provided for each prayer space in the main hall. 

18. Place disposable prayer mat on a marked prayer space only. 

19. Ensure social distancing at all times whilst at the mosque. 

20. As soon as the prayer has finished, please exit the hall from the ladies’ entrance on the left side. All sunnah and nafil prayers and zikr should be at home. 

21. Please take your shoes and prayer mat with you, and dispose of the mat and the shoe bag in the bin provided at the exit. 

22. Please use hand gel after exiting and disposing of the shoe bag and prayer mat. 

23. Please ensure social distancing while exiting the prayer hall. 

When leaving the masjid: 

24. Please do not congregate in the grounds after the prayers. If there must be a discussion which is unavoidable, then please keep it very brief, observe social distancing and do not gather in large numbers. 

25. Please ensure that you follow ALL instructions given here and by any volunteers managing the site or by the Masjid committee. 

26. Failure to follow instructions will put you and other members of the community at risk, and constitute a breach of legal requirements. Therefore, any members/ attendees refusing to follow instructions, arguing or creating commotion or trouble, WILL be directed to leave immediately and may not be allowed in the masjid for the foreseeable future. 

General information: 

27. There will be no facility for a female prayer hall for the foreseeable future and therefore females must not attend. 

28. Friday prayers will remain suspended for the immediate future. The masjid will remain closed and locked at Zuhr time on Fridays (There will be no Zuhr jamaat in the masjid on Fridays). 

29. The SOP will be updated when Friday prayers are considered safe to resume and further measures will be advised for the larger congregations on Fridays. 

30. To help the Iman Trust plan for safe re-introduction of larger congregations, can all community members provide their own details and details of any others that they know attend the Friday prayers (email and/or mobile numbers or WhatsApp /Facebook address). This will help in planning for the numbers expected to attend, and getting any information / instructions out to the community. These details should be provided to: 

Tel: 07856 039289 



Jazak Allah khair for every one’s cooperation and diligence 



FREE Community Platform for All.

Dear brothers,

The mosque opens and closes a few mins before and after each salah respectively. If you are passing outside of these times

please open the green gate and pray in the conservatory. Please note the mosque is closed after isha til fajr InshAllah.

Recitation of the Quran is taught by the Imam for children at the weekends. Please see the Imam for more details.

Iman Trust - St Helens Mosque

St Micheals Mount, Elton Head Rd, Saint Helens WA9 5AU

July 2021

Prayer Timetable

July 2021